Class Descriptions

Desley Donaldson Ballet Academy offers dance classes to suit ages from little as 3 years old to adult, all levels and abilities. All of our classes are designed for students to have fun and keep fit while they learn all the techniques and skills needed if they wish to teach dance or become a dancer, all while progressing at their own pace in a safe environment. We have had many students graduate from our school and continue to grow and perfect their talents thanks to our teachings. 

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Classical Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance)

Classes for our senior classical ballet students are designed for becoming more committed to their training and for those willing to achieve a higher standard of classical technique, whilst incorporating the joy of dance and musicality. For these students three classes per week are recommend if preparing for RAD Vocational Graded Exams.


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Baby Ballerinas (Royal Academy of Dance)

From 3 years your child can discover the joy of expressing themselves through the movement & the enjoyment of dance. Classes taught under RAD syllabus, students learn the basic classical ballet technique needed to continue their dancing training including free movement and character dance. 


Developing the technique of modern/neo classic dance that combines elements of several dance genres including jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary connects the mind and the body through fluid dance movements while stressing versatility and improvisation. A freer form of the classical ballet technique for students 10 years old and above.

Tap (Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus)

From the basics of Level 1 to the advanced Level 13 our studio is part of the few teaching facilities to provide such a high level of the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus. 


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A way to rock out to the latest music hits while creating lasting memories with your friends.              
During a class you will participate in corner work, centre work, routines and dances.
Jazz is enjoyed by all ages which is why we offer a junior class, pre-advanced, and senior classes. 

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